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23% increase in staff productivity, reduced cost per transaction and an increase in customer satisfaction.

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Customer since 2010

dsb.net Ltd was founded in 2009 to provide modern, flexible subscription solutions. dsb.net is part of the Beck Group, established in 1966, which has a wide portfolio of interests in IT, software, digital marketing and E‑commerce.

It offers subscription services on behalf of publishers, dsb.net manages customer interactions and CRM services for over 2 million customers around the world for brands such as Radio Times, Private Eye, Haymarket and The Big Issue.


On average, the team receives around 1500 enquiry emails per day. Managing these enquires takes time away from driving further sales or highlighting opportunities for the business. Automated, intelligent technology allows teams to ensure customers are being responded to efficiently and relevantly, allowing them to drive growth.

Starting in the UK in 2009, as the business grew, so did its geographical reach, with partner sites soon opening in the USA and South Africa. Over time, so did the number of brands it worked on behalf of, resulting in teams being inundated with email enquiries and interactions that needed to be dealt with relevantly and effectively.

As customer behaviour moved online, email traffic increased drastically and dsb.net needed support. Not only to ensure that they were providing the best in customer service, but also needed to support their global teams and drive team efficiencies to reduce customer management costs.

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dsb.net worked with Lokulus to integrate their Spectra solution into their legacy IT systems, predominantly its CRM system using REST API’s. Its IT team was and is regularly trained in how to make the most of the technology and its new releases and maximise its effectiveness.

“We use our CRM system to give us the data we need to understand our customers and their typical behaviours. We then create logic in Spectra and implement business rules at a brand level in order to deliver an automated, relevant and highly responsive customer service.

The technology is intelligent enough to decipher the content of a customer email, understand what information that customer needs and deliver the response in a timely and highly efficient manner.

Automating these responses means the enquiry never needs to reach an agent, leaving them free to deal with more complex customer enquiries or drive sales for the business.”

Solution In Action

An example of this is a customer emailing to ask ‘where is my Radio Times order?’. Spectra automatically syncs with dsb.net’s CRM software to tell that customer exactly when their order was or will be dispatched, as well as adding value by personalising the response and giving an overview of their subscription so they know the full status of their package. It also allows dsb.net to highlight and up sell further events and other subscriptions they think may be of interest to that customer, based on their order.

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Productivity up 23%

Empowers teams

Drive sales


Using Spectra’s reporting tools, dsb.net was able to demonstrate that the technology improves the email productivity of the team by 23%, which reduces cost to serve the customer and enables agents to focus on higher value tasks for the business.

Spectra enables the business to link and up-sell related products to customers, based on previous subscriptions.

The HR team uses Spectra to analyse the quality of data and behaviours of its team members. This insight highlights any training requirements that may be needed to further enhance and empower its teams.

These results clearly show the value of Spectra and its pivotal role for dsb.net to deliver exemplary customer service.

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