Read Lokulus' business continuity plan for the COVID‑19 outbreak.

Lokulus has a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place, which is reviewed and tested annually, with all staff fully briefed on its use and implications. All Lokulus staff have also been re-engaged on the plan in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The fundamental premise of the Lokulus BCP is that all our team must be able to operate 100% remotely at any time for any amount of time. This means all of Lokulus’ key infrastructure is cloud based (including our support telephony), all staff are issued with laptops, phones, VPN and other necessary equipment to be able to perform 100% of their job from any location. As a result, you should notice little change in the interaction with our teams and no change in the level of service you receive, during this challenging period.

Should there be an escalation in the current situation that creates an increased risk of interruption in service, we will notify you as soon as possible via email or phone.


What impact will the COVID-19 pandemic and lock-down have on my ways of working with Lokulus?
There will be no impact on your ways of working with us. You will continue to dial the same phone numbers, email on the same addresses and follow the same established processes you have in place.
Is their any risk of an interruption in service for me and my customers?
There is currently no additional continuity risk brought about by the exceptional COVID-19 circumstances.
What if key members of the Lokulus support team become ill and are unable to provide the required ongoing support I need?
Lokulus has a blended multi-location and off-site team including a number of remote support staff and consultants whom are home based; this mitigates workplace caught infections and provides a level of geographic separation between staff. In addition teams are integrated with members being able to pick tasks up off each other – for example during periods of leave. Therefore; we anticipate that any illness and work absence due to COVID-19 will be manageable. Our senior team is regularly monitoring the situation and should there be an escalation in severity and impact of COVID-19 we will of course let you know.
Are your staff now working from home?
Yes, following government advice and our own BCP we have now asked all team members to work remotely for the foreseeable future. This will have no impact on the product or level of service that you continue to receive.
What will the impact be if self-isolation is made mandatory by government at either a local or national level?
There will be no additional impact on you or your customers. The Lokulus team is set up to work fully remotely at any time and for any amount of time.
Can you tell me more about the specific mechanisms you have in place to allow full remote working?
Lokulus has in place a combination of technology and processes to enable remote, collaborative working for any period of time. This includes:
  • Laptops, phones, VPN and other job specific portable hardware
  • Access to the full Microsoft 365 suite including Sharepoint and Teams as our standard meeting, discussion and document management tools.
  • Business systems hosted in off-site private cloud-based infrastructure
  • Remotely based HR team and supporting infrastructure providing increased resilience to infection
Have any of your staff been exposed to COVID-19?
We are not aware of any of our staff being exposed (directly or indirectly) to a confirmed case of COVID-19 at this time.
How will you notify us if a member of the Lokulus team that has been in physical contact with our team has been exposed to COVID-19?
Due to the low level of face to face meetings that take place with our clients, this situation is unlikely but should this situation arise we will notify you by phone within 24hours of our being made aware of the exposure.
I still have questions. Who should I speak to?

If you still have concerns please contact either:

Mark Chamberlain

+44 (0)7498 495909

Victor Padee
Head of Sales

+44 (0)7970 770 988