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Whether a business of 50 or 500 — our platforms will supercharge your digital customer interactions through our unique series of AI and machine learning bots.

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Omni-channel platform for clients with complex requirements

Our fully configurable solution.

Manage interactions from social to email, phone to web. Personalise every interaction, automate low skilled tasks and put the knowledge in your agent’s hands for increased first time resolution and reduced response times.

Our customer centric approach increases revenue, reduces costs and increases employee satisfaction


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Pre-configured multichannel platform for clients with less complex requirements

Optimised for small to mid-sized businesses.

Take control of interaction with your customers to drive improved customer satisfaction.

Lokulus AI ensures your business and agents are as time and cost effective as possible.

Find out how you could have Pulse set up and ready to go in as little as 7 days.

Omnichannel v Multichannel – what’s the difference?

Simply put the multichannel approach enables customers to reach an organisation via a maximum number of channels. It adopts two or more channels to engage customers, and the most popular are social media & email.

An omnichannel strategy goes one step further, it is all about creating a cohesive and personalised experience throughout all interactions with customers. It streamlines all conversations under one platform across all channels like website, social media, email, phone, etc. It helps to better understand customer behaviour by mapping their journey to deliver consistent customer service.

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Multichannel vs Omnichannel

Our Client Satisfaction Guarantee

With 20 years of proven continuous in-house development behind every Lokulus solution. We are so confident you will see improved business efficiencies, increased customer satisfaction and an overall Return On Investment (ROI). If after 6 months you are not satisfied the improvements meet our promises, we’ll refund you.

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With you everystep of the way

For Lokulus, partnership is everything, we don’t simply sell you a product; we provide solutions. These solutions may focus on one aspect of your customer journey or encompasses many touch points.

We will work with you as your business and the world around it changes and grows to ensure you remain relevant to your customers. That’s why we are here to ensure that, however you work with us, we are meeting your current need with one eye on your future needs.

We call this the Lokulus Way.

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The Power Within

Lokulus’ partnership approach is twinned with its technology which strikes an innovative balance by understanding and integrating our AI agents in and around human managed tasks.

Allow your real-life team of customer service agents to focus on the more important customer interactions, while the AI automates many of the repetitive or basic decision making tasks.

Book a demo today to find out how Spectra and Pulse can ease the load.

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Improved customer satisfaction

Efficient and effective customer interaction is becoming more and more important as online retail and servicing increase exponentially in these challenging times.

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Average call time reduction

The average reduction in call time across our clients using Spectra is 69 seconds.

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Cost efficiency

Our clients consistently see cost savings, typically 20%-40%, when implementing our products and solutions – one reported a £2.39m annualised savings.