Innovating Customer Interaction

Intelligent innovation is built into the culture at Lokulus. We strive to bring the best technology and solutions to empower and enrich customer interactions, resulting in great experiences for all parties involved.

Our innovation team is constantly evaluating new technologies, seeking to evolve our products to anticipate the ever-changing ways your customers engage with you.

Circuit board with CAL bot chip

Our Bots

We utilise both Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to manage customer interactions in our three bots:

CAL bot logo
Classification agent

CAL uses AI abilities to read emails and texts to identify the nature of an incoming request and then assigns it to the resourcing agent or a human, depending on what is the most efficient choice.

FLO bot logo
Workflow agent

FLO automates your business processes making sure either a bot or human picks up the job at the right stage of your customer journey. Repetitive or low-level tasks are now handled automatically, freeing up your human team to do what they are best at – being human.

REG bot logo
Resourcing Agent

REG categorises staff based on skills and works behind the scenes to ensure your customer interactions are automatically directed to the agent best placed to ensure it is dealt with efficiently by the right people, with the right skill at the right time.


In addition to AI and RPA, we have cutting edge technologies to ensure our solution provides best-in-class security and ability to integrate into your current systems and processes seamlessly.

Vouch icon

Our identity service secures the entire Lokulus portfolio of solutions. Extensible for use both alongside and external to Lokulus, Vouch provides an enterprise wide security ecosystem that federates onto common third-party identity providers such as Microsoft or Google.

Stash icon

An industry standard, JSON-based data store for customer and transient data.  Utilising Vouch, Stash intelligently secures your data as standard, right down to the individual resource level.

Connect icon

Inbuilt micro-services platform providing secure, rapid, hyper-extensive connectivity to your applications directly from Lokulus. Our lo-code toolkit enables simple connections to common API’s such as Restful or SOAP, plus wider integration into our Lokulus portfolio.