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Simplify service,
exceed expectations,
build customer loyalty

Pulse is our ready-to-go, cost-effective customer interaction platform for growing businesses.

Watch Pulse upgrade your customer service by driving customer and workforce satisfaction, reducing your total cost to serve and building customer loyalty.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Enhance your customer service experience by enabling direct engagement from within your existing website. Self-service provides your customers with quick access to Dynamic FAQ’s, Chat & WebForms, in addition to Email, Social and CTI, with all channels delivering a consistent and rewarding experience to increase customer and workforce satisfaction.

Drive efficiency

Pulse tracks the context and sentiment of enquiries to ensure they are prioritised and assigned in the most appropriate way. Allowing automation and AI to pick up the simple jobs and giving your skilled workforce the time to focus on trickier queries. Satisfied customers, better SLA results.

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Reduce Cost to Serve

Pulse provides simple integration to your backend systems to aggregate data and automates common queries. You’ll see your total cost to serve go down and gain a full 360 view of your customer engagement.

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Gain Insight

Our rich data and analytics will give you a deeper insight to service demand, performance and quality, enabling you to adapt and orchestrate the Power of Pulse to provide the best possible experience to your customers.

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Why Pulse?

  • Backed by Lokulus’ powering the UK’s top customer satisfaction rated businesses.
  • Gain 30% efficiency along with increased customer satisfaction
  • Pulse is more than just a SaaS offering, you will have access to consultants that will aid onboarding and configuration.
  • You’ll be up and running in just 7 days
  • Simple pricing with no hidden costs
  • Backed by our UK team to support you every step of the way

What does is cost?

Just £80 per user, per month*

*Based on a 12 month contract

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GDPR Compliance

Ensuring you are General Data Protection Regulation compliant is simple with built-in tools to manage all redaction and rectification requests.

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Audit Trail

An audit trail of all user actions is automatically maintained enabling a detailed historical context for enquiries, cases and customers.

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Dedicated Support

With Pulse you are never on your own. Our dedicated support service will have you up and running in only 7 days.