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What does Pulse do?

Pulse takes the heavy lifting out of email communication by automating many back-end processes. Pulse decreases response times; increasing volume handling and supporting happier employees and customers.

How does Pulse do this?

Pulse automatically manages email workflows to ensure whatever the language, content or issue the email is either dealt with by one of our bots or sent to the most appropriate employee for actioning. Pulse is 100% secure, supports audit and clear quality assurance through automatically generated reply content as well as providing detailed reporting.

What are the benefits of Pulse?

Pulse will decrease the cost of running your customer services by automating many parts of the interaction process. Pulse will deliver higher consistency and quality of customer interaction, increasing customer and employee satisfaction. Pulse is also 100% secure, GDPR compliant and supports streamlined auditing.

How much does Pulse cost?

Pulse is a pre-configured solution offering enhanced value for money and ease of implementation for your business. Pulse is available in a number of sector specific configurations and pro, basic and expert packages. View the Pulse pricing matrix.

How long does Pulse take to implement?

Pulse is a pre-configured solution that can be implemented in only 5 days or less.

Why should I buy Pulse over other competing products?

Pulse brings you the best of both worlds. A pre-configured solution that can still be tailored, within certain parameters, to be ready to go in 5 days or less. Using a combination of proven AI powered technology, dedicated service and UK support customers aren’t left to implement Pulse on their own. Lokulus is there to support you each step of the way. Once you are up and running, our AI powered bots REG, FLO and CAL will then pick up the load empowering your agents to work more effectively and efficiently.

Why should I buy Pulse instead of Spectra?

Pulse is a pre-configured product designed for small and medium sized businesses with a particular focus on email customer interactions. Pulse is best suited for customer service teams of up to 50 seats. Spectra is a fully configurable product that can integrate with legacy systems and is designed to work across larger scale businesses with broader objectives and needs across multiple communication channels. If you have any questions on which product is best suited to your business contact us a chat to one of our team or register your interest and we will contact you directly.

What if I can’t decide or I outgrow Pulse?

Not a problem. Pulse and Spectra are designed to work alongside each other. If you implement Pulse and find you’d like to expand your functionality just speak to us about the way we can make this happen or whether a full upgrade to Spectra is the right answer.

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