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Single Sign On BasicExpertPro

Manage user credentials with an external identity provider such as Active Directory to enable single sign-on experience for all users.

Configuration Audit BasicExpertPro

An audit trail of all configuration changes is automatically maintained ensuring any configuration change can be tracked should a change need to be revisited.

Features Access Control BasicExpertPro

Local administrators can configure role-based access control to features so that they can manage which users have access to which features.

GDPR Identification ExpertPro

Pre-defined keywords and phrases automatically identify GDPR requests and allocate to specific GDPR category for actioning.

Identity Provider Pro

Ego provides identity provider capabilities without the need for utilising an external service such as Active Directory

GDPR - Right To Erasure BasicExpertPro

Customer enquiries, cases or customer records can be deleted so that the business complies with right to erasure requests

Enquiry Access Control BasicExpertPro

Access control can be configured based upon users and groups; this ensures enquiries are only viewable or actionable by appropriate permissions

GDPR - Redaction ExpertPro

Enquiries can be redacted, and content rectified so that the business complies with redaction and rectification requests

Enquiry Handling Audit BasicExpertPro

An audit trail of all user actions is automatically maintained enabling a detailed historical context for enquiries, cases and customers, this means issues occurring during enquiry handling (such as compliance, GDPR, quality, business process adherence) can be investigated


Customer Management BasicExpertPro

Administrators can maintain rules that ensure enquiries originating from the same customer are automatically allocated to the same customer record enabling agents to have context when handling an enquiry

Multi-Company ExpertPro

Utilise rules to automatically allocate enquiries to the right brand and control user access based upon brand permissions. Maintain tone of voice by automatically selecting content for the brand the correct brand

Case Management BasicExpertPro

Administrators can maintain rules that automatically thread enquiries relating to the same topic so that agents have context when handling an enquiry

Multi-Language Pro

The language of the enquiry is automatically detected so that staff do not need to manually allocate a language to an enquiry and enquiries can be efficiently routed to appropriate agents.

Sticky Cases ExpertPro

Administrators can ensure enquiries allocated to a specified case are routed to the same queue irrespective of their specific content.


Automated Answer Suggestions BasicExpertPro

Agents can increase productivity and quality with intelligent templates and suggested responses based upon the enquiry context.

Working Time Calendar BasicExpertPro

Administrators can define the working times for the contact centre, so that service level and reporting functionality take working time into account.

Productivity and Collaboration BasicExpertPro

Agents can Pend or Hold enquiries for themselves or their colleagues. Additionally, they can also mark themselves as case owners so that subsequent enquiries are directed directly to them.

Manual Enquiry Creation ExpertPro

Administrators can enable agents to manually-create enquiries so that they can capture and handle enquiries originating from phone calls or other off-system channels.

Escalation BasicExpertPro

Agents can escalate enquiries to Team Leaders Team Leaders can complete the enquiry or make notes and pass back to agent for final completion.

Shared Address Book BasicExpertPro

Administrators can ensure that agents to have access to an email address book so that they can quickly select accurate email addresses when corresponding with 3rd parties. Agents don’t require a 3rd party system to manage email addresses.

Manual Triage BasicExpertPro

Triage agents can manually triage enquiries into an appropriate category without the use of rules.

Manual Work Distribution BasicExpertPro

Administrators can selectively enable agents to cherry pick the enquiries which they handle from selected queues.

Automated Work Distribution BasicExpertPro

Administrators define work profiles so that tasks are automatically distributed to agents based upon priority and skill, improving productivity and adherence.
Work distribution can be configured so that:

  • Only one agent can process an enquiry at the same time so that effort isn’t duplicated
  • Enquiries from the same customer are allocated sequentially to the same agent
  • Skills can include category (work type), language and brand


Knowledge Management ExpertPro

Content administrators can add content to the knowledge base which is relevant to brand, category and language so that knowledge articles are pre-fetched when handling enquiries.

Content administrators can also configure placeholders to indicate where brand custom parameters can be placed so that agent understanding, productivity and consistency are improved.

Entity Management ExpertPro

Local administrators can define data entities relevant to their business domain so that operational data entity features (such as data entity extraction, data collection via data forms and webhooks) are enabled

Content Management BasicExpertPro

Content administrators configure:

  • And maintain content, so that customers receive a more consistent engagement experience
  • An auto acknowledgement email template per brand so that the consumers of each brand have a consistent engagement experience
  • A template enquiry response per brand, category and language so that each brand has a consistent engagement experience so that agent productivity is improved
  • Standard paragraphs per brand, category and language so that each brand has a consistent engagement experience and agent productivity is improved
  • Standard notes per brand, category and language so that agent productivity is improved
  • Placeholders to indicate where extracted data, brand custom parameters can be placed so that agent productivity and accuracy is improved.
  • Brand and Language are dependent upon the appropriate module


Extract Business Domain Data ExpertPro

Business domain data contained in customer enquiries can be automatically extracted and made available via the agent desktop. Additionally, this extracted data can be utilised in both manual responses and webhooks for integration purposes

Archiving BasicExpertPro

Enquiries, cases and customers can be automatically archived after a defined period so that agent searches contain relevant enquiries in order to improve productivity or meet data retention compliance rules (e.g. GDPR).

Case Closing BasicExpertPro

Administrators can control whether cases are closed after their last open enquiry is closed so that a "one-and-done" model of operation can be supported

Category Management BasicExpertPro

Administrators can specify categories which define the 'types' of customer enquiry they receive so that operational category features (such as work distribution) are enabled

Auto Acknowledgements BasicExpertPro

Enquiries are automatically acknowledged so that customers have a reference for their enquiry. The frequency of acknowledgements can be controlled by category and / or case. Acknowledgements use the same language as the enquiry so that customers understand the response (in conjunction with multi-language option)

Acknowledgements are branded so that customers have a consistent experience (in conjunction with multi-company option)

Categorisation BasicExpertPro

Enquiries are categorised utilising predefined detection rules


Dashboards BasicExpertPro

Distribution of enquires across categories can be viewed so that supporting information enables enquiry distribution to be managed effectively.

Reports BasicExpertPro

Filterable queries provide views of operational data to support the day-to-day running of the contact centre

Queries BasicExpertPro

Filterable queries provide views of operational data to support the day-to-day running of the contact centre.

Service Levels BasicExpertPro

Enquiry prioritisation and resolution can take service levels into account so that the most important enquiries are offered to agents first and enquiry handling can be completed within service levels.


Agent QA BasicExpertPro

Local administrators can assign a QA profile to an agent as one of 0%, 50% or 100% sampling so that any new or struggling agents are supported in handling enquiries and produce appropriate responses. Additionally, all outbound responses containing profanity will be directed to the quality assurance process queue.

Profanity ExpertPro

Local administrators can define and manage profane phrases so that they can control words they consider profane within their business domain. This ensures responses which contain profanity are automatically subject to quality assurance

Customer QA BasicExpertPro

Agents can mark a customer (or case) as always requiring quality assurance

Business Dictionary Pro

Local administrators can enhance the default spelling capabilities by controlling the spell checking of words used within their business domain with a custom dictionary.


Email Integration BasicExpertPro

Quickly configure inbound and outbound services for multiple mailboxes including Office365

Webhooks ExpertPro

The system can be integrated to 3rd party systems so that external systems can be informed of standard enquiry events (new enquiry, enquiry closed)

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