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Better Remote Working through the Power of AI

When your teams are spread across various locations, you need a solution that can automatically distribute work to the right person with the right skills, so your customer enjoys the highest level of service.

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Lokulus’ solutions are powered by a team of AI bots that ensure all your customer interactions are classified and delivered intelligently and efficiently.

With 20 years’ experience, Lokulus’ continues to innovate our solutions to best suit your business now and in the future.

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Enterprise Omni-Channel Solution

Unlock your full business potential with this omnichannel, hyperautomation solution.

Spectra is the ultimate enterprise-grade package for all omni-channel interactions — from social to email, phone to web.

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AI Powered Email Management Solution

Having an efficient, intelligent email solution is critical if you want to keep both customers and agents happy.

Pulse takes the heavy lifting out of email, enabling your business to decrease email response times, increase volume handling with advanced classification and automated work distribution.

Available from June 2020.

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