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Debt collection comprises of a wide variety of processes and tactics with the lack of real time collaboration between debtor and collector creating unnecessary issues. As debtors are increasingly mobile and often don’t have the right information conveniently to hand, long, complex and often incomplete processes can harm the ultimate customer experience and the overall goal of the collector.


Lokulus can ease this pain by providing solutions that improve the experience for the debtor whilst streamlining the process journey for improved results.


Lokulus SDX enables the secure exchange of sensitive information between debtor and collector, typically utilising the debtors mobile to digitally capture and upload documents or provide consent for open banking data.  Remotely secured, SDX permits and tracks authorised access to this sensitive information in real time, permitting fast and accurate interactions.


Combining SDX with REG, FLO and CAL ensures that all interactions are consistent, tracked for compliance and actioned in a timely manner.

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