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Spectra is a proven configurable solution to resolve or improve your unique business challenges.

Unlock your full potential with our hyper-automation solution. Spectra is the ultimate enterprise-grade package for streamlining omni-channel interactions, from social to email, phone to web.

Real World Benefits

Proven to deliver exceptional results

Our clients report significant uplifts in customer satisfaction,
efficiencies in workload and an overall reduction in costs.
Here are some of the real world benefits clients have reported:

checkmark “Reduced call handling by 69 seconds”

checkmark “Annualised saving of £2.39 million”

checkmark “Increase of 40% in conversion rates”

checkmark “Increased FCR by over 35%”

checkmark “A 400% increase in non-voice channels”

checkmark “Over £500k in operational savings”

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Finely tuned by
interaction experts

With great experience across a vast range of industries, from retail to finance, governments to SME’s, we consult with insight, creatively anticipate, navigate and solve complex user journeys.

Using the full capabilities of our solutions, we configure everything specifically to meet your company’s needs.

Discover what we can do for you, and arrange an online or one-to-one consultation today.

Key Features

Transform your business with Spectra

Interaction Experts

Experience a full consultancy service with your own dedicated team including solutions architect and integration experts


Digitally connect all your interaction channels such as phone, email, chat, social, SMS and documents

Automated Context

Have the ability to automatically inspect communications for context and content

Seamless Integration

Integrate to your existing back office systems to pull and push information on demand

Resource Management

Intelligently manage human resources for optimum efficiency with reduced employee fatigue and increased satisfaction

New Paradigm

Reimagine how customer interactions and back office processes can be digitised and streamlined

Consistent Voice

Map and execute end-to-end business processes for speed and consistency

Complete Visibility

Track, audit and report on every task with zero overhead

REG processor on motherboard

Powered by
AI bots

Spectra delivers ongoing and ever-expanding capabilities with our unique bots utilising Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks.

REG, CAL and FLO all have their specific tasks and integrate seamlessly across our solution channels.

Using intelligent and automated resourcing, classification and workflow is essential for the results and consistency for enterprise-level solutions.

Find out more about our innovation hub and AI bots

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