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Omni-channel Customer Interaction

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Call Handling

Sometimes only a call is good enough and this is where your human team should be most effectively used. FLO, our workflow bot, ensures that following a call, work is both structured and minimised by automating and recording as much as is practical. Everything is conveniently available in one place to review at any time and that customers aren’t left feeling frustrated by being passed from team to team or having to repeat the same issue.

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Let’s face it, it’s not every day you receive an email from a customer to thank you, but our technology can recognise whether a message is positive or negative, a complaint or a query and decide where best to direct the information. The interaction is logged and managed in the most effective way possible, freeing up time for your human team to focus on the trickier issues.

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It’s almost impossible to live our lives effectively without the use of our mobile devices. Naturally we support bi-directional SMS, with inbound texts being read by CAL, our AI-enabled classification bot. Alongside SMS, our other digital channels such as web chat are also mobile aware, supporting a range of interactions on the move without any loss of capability.

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Web Portal

Whether a customer is contacting you to share their satisfaction or a problem about a product, from the moment you hit enter, the Lokulus bot team works with your existing platforms and human teams to make sure the interaction is logged in our customer agent dashboard and catalogued as an AI or human-managed task.

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For occasions when only good old-fashioned paper will do, Lokulus can oblige. Automatically receiving information from scan devices, document images are treated with the same velocity as a digital interaction. Lokulus also manages paper output, either directly to print devices or via digital print services.

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Social Media

As with our other digital channels, CAL, our AI-enabled classification bot, is continually reading and directing social messages and tweets, making sure that FLO, our workflow bot, starts to take action on them immediately.

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Web Chat

Delivering the immediacy during a digital customer journey, our web chat knows when it can engage with a customer or when to stay in the background. Directly connected to REG, our web chat client understands the real-time availability of human resources across your business and won’t keep customers constantly waiting if none are available, a major source of customer dissatisfaction.

Of course as with all interactions – they are logged, catalogued and can be viewed in one easy format by customer agents ensuring efficient, timely and cost-effective management of your customers.

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Secure Document Exchange

Lokulus DX ensures confidential data it is managed and transferred safely and securely, giving you and you customers absolute peace of mind.

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