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What does Spectra do?

Spectra is fully configurable bringing all of Lokulus’ technologies and solutions together in a single space allowing omni-channel interactions, tracking and reporting across social, email, phone, web and more. It is fully GDPR compliant, tried and tested by governments to multinationals.

What are the benefits of Spectra?

Spectra is fully configurable to your business needs and has been proven by customers from Volkswagen and Serco to the UK government to decrease cost, increase customer and employee satisfaction delivering higher consistency and quality of customer interaction. Spectra is 100% secure, GDPR compliant and supports streamlined auditing.

How much does Spectra cost?

Spectra is a fully configurable solution tailored to your business’ requirements. Cost depends on your specific objectives, number of users and final set-up. Get in touch to chat to one of the team or register for further information.

How long does Spectra take to implement?

Spectra is a fully customisable solution tailored to your business’ specific needs. The length of time to implement will depend on your objectives, existing technologies, integrations and processes. To find out more about potential timelines to implement Spectra for your business contact us for a chat or to register for more information.

Why should I buy Spectra over other similar products?

Lokulus’ combined focus on technology, service and business insight delivers the best value for money for your unique business needs.

Spectra’s fully configurable AI technology powered by Lokulus’ three bots CAL, FLO and REG ensures that all interactions are handled in the smoothest and most effective way possible. Combined with Spectra’s ability to integrate easily with legacy systems, working with Lokulus takes the pain out of implementation.

From the outset working with Lokulus means partnership. Our teams will work with your organisation to fully understand your objectives, challenges, customers and technology landscape to ensure Spectra and the supporting processes are configured to best meet your needs.

How do I find out more about what Spectra could do for me?

To find out more about what Spectra could do for you and your business chat with one of our agents or register your interest and we’ll contact you directly.

How does the Spectra implementation work?

Implementing Spectra can start from the day you choose to start working with us. In our discovery phase our team will learn about your business, your customers and your needs. This will ensure proposed configurations are not just off the shelf but work best for the way you work.

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