Serve your customers wherever and whenever they need it, 24/7.

Gartner research concluded that by 2025, advancements in Virtual Assistants will automate up to 80% of call centre agent tasks.

Meet IVA, your Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

  • It’s more than self-service.
  • Round the clock front and back-office task automation.
  • Customer queries resolved efficiently, effectively and in record time!
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With intelligent automation, IVA brings calm to customer interactions.

Your workforce and customers can now enjoy frictionless customer experiences, with improved operational effectiveness and increased customer satisfaction.

And what will that mean?

Increased customer retention rates and a lower turnover in staff.

Beat your competition

It’s likely you’ll have similarities to your competitors,
that’s why they’re competitors.

Our competitors say they do self- service, and they do.

But with IVA, we can do so much more. And so will you!

Inline Automated Channel Shift (AV)
Intelligent Automated Escalation
Agent empowered customer engagement
Pre-built industry specific journeysLimitedLimited
Standard and bespoke integrationsLimitedShopify-only

How does it work?

IVA can seamlessly connect and integrate with your current systems, delivering automated harmonious communications with your customers.

Powered by Lokulus’ advanced AI bots, your business is set for a customer experience revolution, as intelligent, integrated technologies automate tasks from the front to the middle and all the way to the back end.

We know one size doesn't fit all, so with our IVA journey builder, you can have complete flexibility to enable personalised customer journeys, even specific to your industry!


Experiencing a period of sustained growth or simply looking to resolve customer queries faster? IVA will resolve queries more effectively and without adding pressure to your customer service teams.

Let IVA take you to the future of customer experience.

Meet Bob.

Bob is currently browsing the internet in search of a new sofa.


Bob sees a sofa in your store but seeks some additional information.


This is where IVA comes in. IVA pops up to suggest a video call with in-store staff for more information.


Bob joins the video chat and chats to Sales Advisor, Sally, who provides more info on the sofa and various accessories.


Bob makes an appointment in his local store to proceed with the purchase.


In-store, Sales Advisor, Brian, pulls all the information from the system on Bob’s recent interactions and successfully finalises the sale of the sofa.

Customer outcomes

  • Customer receives the desired information in realtime on the channel of their choice.
  • Streamlined, frictionless process to make purchase, with minimal effort required.
  • Excellent experience which contributes to customer loyalty and retention.

Business outcomes

  • Avoids ‘drop basket’ scenario and prevents customer from purchasing from competitors.
  • Harnessing key employees across the business to support sales.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

Meet Susan.

She has recently purchased a new phone and wishes to add this phone to her existing tech insurance policy.


Susan emails customer service to find out how to do this.


A unique link is sent to her in response to her email which navigates her directly to IVA.


IVA guides her through the process and her policy is updated in realtime with payment processed for any additional applicable fees.

Customer outcomes

  • Customer receives the desired information in realtime on the channel of their choice.
  • Streamlined, frictionless journey with no requirement to log into portal.
  • Ease of experience contributes to customer loyalty and retention.

Business outcomes

  • Low cost to serve with zero involvement required from customer service agent.
  • Complete journey recorded for compliance and easily accessible for future reference.
  • Increased lifetime value of client.

Meet Jenny.

Jenny wants to make a change to her travel booking..


Jenny sends an email asking to make a change to her hotel booking.


However, Jenny does not include all information required. IVA asks Jenny for the relevant info required for chainging the booking.


Jenny takes a while to respond with the information required, and the requirement is now urgent.


Due to the fast approaching date of travel, Jenny’s enquiry is automatically prioritised by the system.


A consultant is presented with all the relevant information and is able to make the change and confirm to Jenny immediately.

Customer outcomes

  • Even with customers slow response time, the resolution is complete ahead of travel.
  • A transparent customer journey with the customer kept informed and updated throughout.
  • Company saves the day and maintains customer respect and long term loyalty.

Business outcomes

  • Reduced risk of missing priority enquiries.
  • First time resolution maintained resulting in a reduced cost to serve.
  • Exceptional customer service contributes to lifetime customer retention.
Good digital customer service is critical to our business as a modern, efficient, service oriented business with a strong reliance on flexible and remote digital technology, so it's imperative we have the tools in place to support that. Lokulus has been just that and supported our growth and increased our capacity exponentially
Matthew Long, MD of BeMoto

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